Nursing Education has changed in New Mexico! Eighteen state-funded nursing programs are working together to:

  1. Implement a common nursing curriculum (pre-licensure)
  2. Place the pre-licensure BSN degree option in community colleges in partnership with a university
  3. Build a diverse nursing workforce that reflects New Mexico’s majority-minority population

NMNEC Nursing Educational Model Explained:

Common Concept-Based Statewide Nursing Curriculum (blue pool, above) was developed starting in 2009 and received unanimous statewide approval in 2012. The common curriculum was implemented in the first two schools in Spring-2014. As of Summer-2017, the common curriculum is being taught in:

•             Three university BSN programs

•             Eight community college ADN and BSN programs

•             Eight more nursing programs plan to implement the common curriculum in coming years


Three Degree Options (pictured above):

•             Traditional University BSN (pre-licensure)

•             Community College-based BSN in partnership with a university (students are co-enrolled)

•             Traditional Community College ADN

Students choose one of these degree options from the get-go. The ADN-degree-seeking students require approximately one year of prerequisites while the BSN-degree-seeking student requires approximately two years. For the nursing courses at the community college, ADN and BSN students sit side-by-side for four terms. BSN students continue for only one more term! This saves a great deal of time and money over the eventual RN-to-BSN pathway for ADN students.


Academic Advancement (pictured above):

•             BSN options may progress to MSN, DNP, PhD

•             ADN option may progress to an RN-to-BSN program


Advantages for Co-Enrolled BSN Students at a Community College:

•             Home Community: BSN degree option is offered in many more rural communitiesIn 2012, the BSN pre-licensure degree was offered in TWO state-funded programs

               - In 2017, the BSN pre-licensure degree is offered in TEN state-funded programs

•             Co-enrolled at both the community college and the university benefiting from both resources

•             50% lower tuition rate to obtain a BSN through a community college than through a university

               - Students pay community college tuition for the majority of their courses

               - Students pay university tuition for several nursing courses and all of their last term

•             Receive both ADN and BSN degrees upon graduation

BSN Student Growth in the eleven NMNEC schools currently teaching the common curriculum (as of Summer-2017). BSN-enrolled students outnumber ADN-enrolled students by 34%. This will increase to 45% in 2017/2018.

NMNEC Website –

  • Implementation Grid of participating NMNEC schools
  • NMNEC Program of Study – ADN and BSN
  • NMNEC Concepts Graph
  • NMNEC Implementation Guide
  • NMNEC Grading Scale
  • NMNEC Admissions Criteria
  • NMNEC Progression Policy
  • NMNEC Selection Policy
  • Recommended NMNEC Student Transfer Procedures


Contact Information:

New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium (NMNEC)

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