APIN Findings

The APIN project has facilitated development and evaluation of successful academic progression pathways.  Over four years, a variety of models and methods have been created and expanded. 

Individual APIN project sites have been linked to one another and to other education and practice innovators nationally, creating a powerfully aligned community.  This group has identified intentionally designed partnerships between community colleges and universities as the model most likely to generate an 80% BSN prepared workforce and they have further explored and defined specific characteristics of the model most likely to enhance success.  

The APIN NPO has centralized preliminary outcomes for review and has developed a construct to show the continuum of partnership options.  The continuum provides an opportunity for other regions to assess their current status and begin progress toward structures with improved outcomes. 

APIN and other project leaders have created an array of tools for program development which can be helpful to others.  The APIN program has generated meaningful progress toward the goal of a more highly educated nursing workforce, and the NPO strongly recommends that national nursing leaders seize the opportunity to fully realize the benefits of this substantial investment.

Academic Progression Continuum.png