Program Quality


Questions have been raised about the quality of education offered through new models or pathways (NASEM, 2015). Since RN-BSN programs do not create eligibility for licensure, they are generally not reviewed by state Boards of Nursing, as pre-licensure programs are. This applies to all RN-BSN program, not just the more recent pathways. Aside from state board review, the quality standard for any nursing program is accreditation from national agencies such as ACEN or CCNE. These agencies are recognized by the US Department of Education to define and evaluate the quality and rigor of nursing programs. 

All BSN programs developed through APIN funding as well as those featured here maintain full program accreditation.  As with all nursing programs this provides evidence of their having met the standards of quality through continual self-assessment and compliance with defined criteria.  If additional quality standards for nursing education are widely embraced by the nursing community overall, it would be imperative for new pathways to meet those same standards.