APIN Grant Project: New York

The demand for high quality patient care in New York State is increasing. Ensuring access to that care requires the rapid expansion of the number of baccalaureate prepared nurses who can work across health care settings.

New York Academic Advancement in Nursing (APIN) project is increasing the number of RNs securing the baccalaureate degrees in the Empire State, thus facilitating achievement of the Institute of Medicine’s “80/20” recommendation. The project focuses on attracting high school graduates into nursing by offering a partnership in which applicants are admitted simultaneously to both an associate degree and a baccalaureate degree nursing program. Students maintain matriculation and reside at the senior college throughout all four years. They complete a foundational year of liberal arts and sciences at the senior college, followed by two years at the associate degree granting campus focusing on attaining clinical skills, and complete baccalaureate requirements in year four. Licensure is attainable at the conclusion of the third year. A collaborative with public and private sector colleges and practice partners has been created to implement this model in rural and urban areas of the state. Best practices will be shared, common marketing materials developed, and a standardized data collection methodology implemented.